Consultation & Technical Assistance

One of the premier services of The Fitzgerald Institute offers custom-designed, onsite consultation and technical assistance. These services are based on a problem-solving and capacity-building approach that enhanced the quality of care to populations served

Child-Centered Consultation

The primary goal of child-centered consultation is enhancing the overall quality of services to an individual child or family. It helps identify the causes of behavioral and/or learning challenges and design individualized support plans that address these program-centered challenges.

Examples of Child-centered Services Include:

  • Conduct child-focused observations
  • Design and implement approaches responsive to the authentic needs of a child
  • Provide support for reflective practices through a coaching and mentoring model
  • Conduct home visits
  • Refer to community-based services

Program-Centered Consultation

Program-centered consultation focuses on enhancing the overall quality of services provided to children and families. It helps conceptualize and develop delivery models, identify gaps in existing services and revising policies and procedures.

Examples of Program-centered Services Include:

  • Conduct environmental observations
  • Promote the wellness of professionals
  • Promote collaborative learning
  • Identify and address program needs
  • Advise on program policy