Family Coaching & Mentoring

In family coaching you will apply the most current practices gained from our Parenting with Insight program to your unique situation. This is not a counseling model, but a process that embraces collaborative problem-solving.

Work one on one

with your own certified human behavior specialist to discover empowering perspectives and effective solutions to parenting challenges.

Transform your parent-child relationship

into one that you have dreamed of by leveraging strengths.

Apply the most current, cutting edge insights

in children’s behavior and discipline so you can move beyond bossing, begging and bribing.

learn the same tools and insights

from Parenting with Style, with a special emphasis on applying these to concerns specific to your family. Our approach is one of problem-solving rather than counseling.

Private sessions are available

by appointment. We keep your busy schedule in mind, and we will come to you!

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