Intermediate Studies

Satisfactory completion of basic, intermediate and advanced studies qualifies you to pursue recognition as a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Family Coach and/or Master Trainer, in association with The Fitzgerald Institute of Lifelong Learning.

Module One: Relationships Matter!

Influencing in authentic ways, connecting in personal ways
Adults and children are partners in the dance of interaction, but adults hold greater responsibility. From the point of conception until we leave this earth, we live an breathe relationships; some empowering, some disempowering, and all significant. Since relationships are the foundation to all effective teaching and parenting interventions, whether preventive or therapeutic, this module examines the impact of our influence and ways to enhance our partnerships with children, their parents or our colleagues. People first follow a person, then the plan. We must encourage and make their hearts sing so learning is a joyful experience and education a lifelong process!

Module Two: Environments Matter!

Images that inspire, experiences that inform
The times, they are a ‘changin, according to Bob Dylan. In today’s environments, there will always be pockets of difference. However, throughout history, educational environments have ignored those differences despite the fact that variation in human behavior is not new or surprising. These environments have been designed to match the preferences of those who construct them, rather than those that spend their time learning and teaching in them. Influencing behavior is almost all of what teaching is about, and spaces influence behavior. The environment should act like a mirror in which students can, at any given time, see an accurate reflection of themselves, their school culture and their work. This implies there are significantly different requirements for that space. This module examines these requirements so that four elements function together to form an ecology-an everlasting web of connections that aim to accomplish the required outcomes.

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Comments From Participants

Content was such that I am leaving with a solid understanding of relationships and environments.

Very balanced experience. Entertaining and chock full of useful information. You give a lot for the money!

I felt like I had time to think and talk. I feel like I have real tools that can help in the classroom, with parents and in my own life.

Seriously, this experience was more enlightening than I could have expected.

Enjoyed interacting with dynamic and empowering individuals, and learning in a relaxed environment.

The insights gained will be lifelong. They would help anyone to enrich their professionals and personal lives.