Basic Studies

Satisfactory completion of basic, intermediate and advanced studies qualifies you to pursue recognition as a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Family Coach and/or Master Trainer, in association with The Fitzgerald Institute of Lifelong Learning.

Module One: Frameworks Matter!

Understanding the promise, embracing the possibilities
Today, we are challenged to do more with less, adapt quickly to changing requirements and mandates, innovate on the fly, deal with extreme uncertainty, and somehow still find time for developing character and competence in our children. We believe you are capable of developing yourself as an educator or parent far more than tradition has presumed possible. This module inspires a shared vision for the future for the common good, and applies unity of purpose to the field of education. It searches for opportunities to innovate ways to adjust, grow, and improve, and identifies how demographics and technology are likely to influence the direction of education. This module explores ways to engage not only those who have always thrived within tradition, but also those who could thrive when provided the resources and approaches necessary to do so. There are no hopeless children; but many adults who have grown hopeless about the situation they are in with the child.

Module Two: Profiles Matter!

Revealing the essence, nurturing the greatness
We all live under the same sky, but we all have different horizons. We relate, learn and negotiate based on our unique horizon. Understanding styles, perspectives, preferences and needs empowers us to discover and explore possibilities, rather than manage misunderstanding or challenging behavior. This module leads professionals and parents toward understanding the layer of possibilities waiting to unfold, our layers and those of our children. We will examine research-based insights that uncover strengths and apply those insights to maximize our effectiveness and outcomes. All children are
perfectly designed and we must work in ways that ensures that design is visible, valued and supported.

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Comments From Participants

You have a way with people that is truly inspiring. Your way of sharing material provided the whole group with enriching experiences and deep comprehension.

Continue doing what you are doing. It resonated with all of us.

Thank you for conveying this incredibly valuable information in a way that is so easy to understand. I look forward to an ongoing relationship and believe you will help our staff grow tremendously.

Now I have an outlook to better empower others.

Everything was amazing! Keep inspiring the world one person at a time.

I like the pace of this course and the time that was provided to reflect.

This has been the most amazing conference that I have ever attended. You helped me reflect on my own life and how I want to raise my own children.