Advanced Studies

Satisfactory completion of basic, intermediate and advanced studies qualifies you to pursue recognition as a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Family Coach and/or Master Trainer, in association with The Fitzgerald Institute of Lifelong Learning.

Module One: Skills Matter!

Blazing the trail toward the workings of the real world, kindling the flame
Today, one of the best questions we can ask is “How can we engage the hearts, minds and bodies of our students in a passionate lifelong process that empowers the acquisition of wisdom?” Wisdom is concerned with long and short-term consequences for doing the next “right” thing. It yields a willingness to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gains. It makes the pursuit of ideals and long-term objectives possible. In short, wisdom requires a strong foundation in the “personal” intelligences and having mastery over our thoughts, impulses and actions. Then, and only then will our children be ready to become a society of interdependent individuals ready to enter a diverse world, with a global economy. So let’s get started….

Module Two: Discipline Matters!

Transcending tradition, unleashing strength and purpose
When students do not know how to read, we teach and give them opportunities to practice new skills. When they struggle with math calculations, we teach until mastery emerges. When students misbehave, we send them to the principal’s office, detention or home for a few days, withhold recess or field trips, or publicly reprimand. While there are many behaviors that challenge us and leave us feeling puzzled, helpless or angry, we must embrace the idea that there are no hopeless children. Their behavior is the symptom of an unsolved problem begging for resolution. So much like having difficulties with reading and math, when a student misbehaves, we must become his or her ally and move beyond tradition toward a comprehensive, positive approach to resolving their problem. This module places tools in your hands for achieving the outcomes required.

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Comments From Participants

This course has been both eye-opening and life-changing for me. I hope to do for others, what you have done for me.

You have an in depth knowledge and ability that makes the group cohesive. Astoundingly superlative!

Everything you did helped me and left me with clarity.

Time to reflect and process with great time for application.

I was inspired, informed, empowered. The information built upon itself. You observed and honored the diversity of the group and sculpted the time, communication and activities to resonate with each one.